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Exposing the Beauty of Scientific Phenomena

“Armed with knowledge, everyone can see the relevance of scientific endeavours and research, can make better informed decisions, and see, in detail, the beauty of the world around us.

My DecoScience dream is to use the art-science interplay to educate and empower others.”

—Judith Lockwood

What we are all about

We LOVE science! But how much do you actually know about science? If you are like a lot of people, you may not remember much from your science classes and/or may never have been taught the fundamentals. The old adage, knowledge is power is true. The mission of DecoScience is to help people understand the science that is at work all around us, and show them that it does not have to be a scary, indecipherable thing. It can be interesting and beautiful and fun. What DecoScience wants to do is make science accessible to everyone. Science is not an exclusive club; it is open to all who care to learn and we can help you.

We sell our beautiful scientific images printed in an acrylic format that best showcases these experiments.The bright colours would brighten up any room and be a conversation starter for your office and/or home. This format comes ready to hang and does not require framing. We can also engineer our experiments to create an image unique in a world of images. Any of our images on this website can be printed in almost any size to fit your available space.


Our photographs often take some “engineering’ in the lab. This is us hard at work making some art.

What we do

Art & Science Interplay

Through the use of digital imaging, our researchers can capture the beauty of the scientific phenomena that happens everyday but goes unnoticed by most. Our beautiful images have captured split-second chemical reactions, physics at work, and the macro world of nature. These art images would make any work or living space more beautiful and certainly be a conversation starter. If you wanted your own experiments or research recorded, that can also be arranged.

Educate & Inform

DecoScience wants people to be in the know. The general public needs to be aware of the fundamentals of science to better understand the world around them and make informed decisions based on this knowledge. We believe that science can be learned at any age and are working on lesson plans and experiments to help teach these basics. Our goal is to encourage exploration and make science fun for student and teacher alike.



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