DecoScience is about the interplay between science and art…it is about scientists exploring the world of art, and artists exploring the world of science. DecoScience is a creative experiment that allows you to look at your everyday activities from a new perspective. Each perspective and collaboration of the DecoScience artists results in images so unique that they must be considered art.

The foundation of DecoScience is based in the scientific laboratory and Judith Lockwood’s long time desire to show clients the beauty of scientific experiments. It was only when she hired Dana Plesa, an art conservator/chemist from Romania, that she had all the needed elements to make this dream happen.

During the development of this capability, it became apparent that the macro photography images captured in the lab were so beautiful that they should be considered works of art. One could also envision an image and deliberately create artworks by “painting” them using scientific knowledge.

Today, DecoScience not only captures scientific phenomena happening in the world around us, but it also creates unique works using scientific knowledge and skills.

Historically, there was a connection between the worlds of science and art; we are trying to recreate this link at DecoScience and share this merging with you.

Time Lapse Photography


This experiment was designed to show in an artistic way, using time lapsed photography, a chemical reaction between oil of wintergreen (red fluorescence) and a custom made reactive surfactant (green fluorescence). I used polymeric orange fluorescent micro particles (1-5 μm) to detect the self-movement of the liquids caused by the chemical reaction. -DP-

Music used with permission. Song title: Acoustic Breeze






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