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The Amazing Flamingo

Many Canadians like to spend part of their winter in Florida to avoid our seemingly endless winters and while there you may have come across the weird and wonderful flamingo. These tall, thin, brightly-coloured wading birds have become the inspiration for tacky lawn...

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The Science of Valentine’s Day

I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but because it falls on the day that I post my blog I thought that I would do one of my The Science of editions. Contrary to the myth that Valentine’s Day is a relatively modern invention of the card, flower, and chocolate...

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Wondrous Amber

Amber is a semi-precious gemstone that is fossilized tree sap that has been appreciated for its colour and beauty since antiquity. It has been used in jewelry, perfumes, and as a treatment in folk medicine for a variety of ailments. It has even been an important plot...

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